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  • Abdelhamid Niati

    Abdelhamid Niati

    Writer, content manager and business coach. I am also the Head of people and the Content Manager for a non profit organisation created in Africa.

  • David Kaneda

    David Kaneda

    Founder of Cosy & co-founder atSpoke. Working to improve corporate software everywhere.

  • Dan Saffer

    Dan Saffer

    Designer. Product Leader. Author.

  • Charlie Graham

    Charlie Graham

    Founder & CEO of Shop It To Me, lover of entrepreneurship, sale fanatic, new dad, avid distance runner, secretly a nerdy puzzle-hunter

  • Scott Hanford

    Scott Hanford

    Growth guy - product, marketing, and startups - just nerding out about all sorts of things.

  • Adam Oskwarek

    Adam Oskwarek

    I help build and grow things on the internet. Product + People + Growth. Together we can go further. “chief climate officer” @

  • Yuya Fujimoto

    Yuya Fujimoto

    Front-end engineer

  • Tushar Kirtane

    Tushar Kirtane

    product / revenue @pocket, subject to inertia. tweets about tech, law, & finance.

  • Francis Kim

    Francis Kim

    Product Strategist

  • Tyler Freeman

    Tyler Freeman

    Wearables engineer, New Media artist, VJ, cybertechnician pursuing new styles of interfaces through the body and mind to the computer.

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